Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Lunch Sketches

This is more of the lunch sketch sessions from last week and I think a page or two since I last updated. Keeping it up and continuing to crank.

Trying different things with color pencils to try and bring out the shape & form. I'm really feeling the white on the tone paper.

Trying to push characterization of the people a little further. mainly still working on faces now, hopefully some full bodies soon.

The start of a Unix (unicorn & phoenix creature)

Unix in a more dynamic pose

Still really getting into the white on tone.

Some graffiti during month end meeting. Thinking of art team t-shirt ideas.

Thought I'd try a change up in the medium. ball point pen and mainly line work.

Continuing to try and push the characterizations into a more cartoony realm. Its really hard to get too far away from the way realism of things.