Friday, July 27, 2012

Work from this week

Animated Sulk still needs a bit of work, but wanted to post progress on him so far. Still planning on the bunny ears of the slippers to overlap and potential fix transition of arms a little more so it doesn't pop as much. Critiques are welcome.

This one is of a Random guy, Linda, Mike, Angeles and a Tit mouse, Lol.

Jack Chan and other randoms

This is anime Linda and Angeles... Lol it was the theme at of the day.

Anime Stephanie, I took too long and not enough time to draw Williana. Its ok may be next time.


  1. these are great. you should upload a longer loop of the walkcycle. when you get a chance, of course.

  2. Yeah didn't realize that it would loop so lame when I uploaded the quickitme. Will do in after I get a chance to make more tweaks.